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Getting Practical - resources and materials for supporting practical work in Primary, Secondary and Post-16 Science

The Nuffield Curriculum Centre with Biosciences Federation and CLEAPSS run three different sites for the three separate sciences:

Each experiment on the sites list practical information for technicians and teachers – apparatus lists, health & safety notes, and instructions about how to set up and run each experiment. It’s aimed at those who think they’d like a bit of advice so there is quite lengthy information. The initial focus has been on GCSE but there’s also KS3 and A Level material.

Top 10 Flash Bang demos – produced by the Why Not Chem Eng site, shows 10 experiments guaranteed to capture your students interest, along with  links to the instruction sheets and accompanying videos. Health and safety guidance is also provided. Make sure you read it!

Also don’t forget to check CLEAPPs for ideas, but also for more safety guidance before you do any experiment. Please make sure you do a risk assessment!

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